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You will not find blind advocacy here, or anger, or fear. Instead you will find the facts you need to know, whether you are a patient, a parent, a health care provider, a researcher, a journalist or a policymaker.


The Allied Vaccine Group is comprised of websites dedicated to presenting valid scientific information about the sometimes confusing subject of vaccines. Think of this page as your portal to the real world of vaccines, a world based on scientific research, followed by honest disclosure of the research results -- pro and con.

Each member of the Group is dedicated to presenting the facts about vaccines in a straightforward fashion. When we offer vaccine news, the selection is unbiased. And when we present analysis, that analysis is based on scientific evidence.

We have other things in common . We all believe that immunization saves the lives of millions of children and adults every year. We understand that not all vaccines are equally effective and that no vaccine is free of side effects. And we believe that if the scientific evidence shows any vaccine to be dangerous, the public should be alerted to that danger.

On balance, we believe that the benefits of immunization far outweigh their risks.

It is up to you to decide where to get the best science-based, unbiased information about vaccines. In order to help you know us better, each Allied Vaccine Group site clearly states its source of funding. We do not accept any site that fails to reveal sponsorship, slants the facts in any way, or editorializes in place of reporting.

Each member site makes its own editorial policies independent of the Allied Vaccine Group and of pharmaceutical companies, governments, or multi-lateral agencies.

Your suggestions of websites to be added to this Group are always welcome and will be carefully considered. To suggest a URL, drop us an email.



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